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Many organizations are faced with the issue of finding reliable developers, designers, and other specialized talent. At HireEmployees.co, we leverage expertise and infrastructure through a subscription method to ease out the hassles of picking up candidates and both parties concentrating on the deliverables.

No. HireEmployees.co has dedicated Account managers who are experts in writing and communicating fluently in English.

Currently, our development center is in India. The overall proposition gives you a smart approach towards quality work with cost savings for your business.

In practice If you feel if it is necessary to bring a HireEmployees.co expert physically on-site. we can work with you to coordinate relocating an individual or team to your location for a specified period.

It takes us one to three weeks bring in an expertise before we feel confident enough to admit them to work with a client. We understand your need for expediency, but we also understand the even greater need for quality.

HireEmployees.co comes to you as a service. We internally take care of replacements so that you work is not interrupted due to an expert’s absence.

For the most part, yes. We will work with you to fully understand your specific requirements so that we can establish a mutually beneficial arrangement.

We typically invoice our clients twice a month, though there is some flexibility here. Invoices are generated bi-monthly through an auto-debit system from the payment gateway. In case of accounting issues, you may send a mail to our support team to get back to you at the earliest.

We currently accept all major credit cards or Debit cards.

HireEmployees.co services are open from Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day.

We require NO initial deposit if you make a hire. If you decide not to move forward, after the subscription, your deposit will be refunded on a pro-rata basis. For example, If you hire a service which costs you 500 CAD per month and service availed was for 15 working days. (15/21 X 500 Dollars) will be deducted.

We make sure to start each engagement with utmost diligence. This means that you have time to help ensure the engagement will be successful. If you’re satisfied with the work, you may continue the engagement for a long-term period and get discounts accordingly.

Our clients begin engagement with us through a logical method of requirement analysis and prospecting with periodic reporting which wades out the chances of dissatisfaction at the end of the month or a billing period. However, if things don’t work out due to unforeseen circumstances, you can be given a one month notice to end the contract.

Please refer to our pricing page to know more about the cost of our expertise.

The average hourly rate ranges start from $15. Although cost is just a measure, we encourage clients to discuss with us their requirements and choose quality over cost for long term business benefits.

We currently bill our invoices in US Dollars only.

Any startup, agency, or a leading brand that needs helping hands for scaling their business can go for HireEmployees services.

At HireEmployees.co we believe in taking full ownership of the work we do. We take full responsibility for your business's work, as well as the team working on it, ensuring that you meet your deadlines and business goals.

Differing from the traditional agency model, your team members don’t have other clients and are 100% dedicated to your business, becoming part of your in-house team.

This model is for long-term engagement and the minimum duration for any engagement is 6 months. However, if at any given time your expectations are not met, you can be given a one month notice to end the contract.

Our discount is structured in two formats; given below are the details:
Team Discount
- More than 3 members team - 2.5%
- More than 10 members team - 5%
- More than 15 members team - 7.5%
- More than 25 members team - 10%
Advance payment discount
- 3 months advance - 2.5%
- 6 months advance - 5%
- 12 months advance - 7.5%

You will have a dedicated Account Manager to take care of communications. However, If you feel the need of keeping a Technical Architect who is capable enough to manage resources. You may hire a full- time expertise from our end.

Yes, we can help. If you need to build a team of 20+ people with us. We will be more than happy to help you out on the requirements.

- It is 60% more cost effective.
- Our model helps you to reduce the time invested in hiring, screening, and interviewing candidates.
- Solve the problem of local talent shortages and expand the talent pool.

All the talents working for HireEmployees carry a minimum 2 years of experience.

No. HireEmployees.co comes as a packaged service. All the talents of HireEmployees.co go through rigorously practical technical tests and is interviewed by domain experts.

We only provide full-time engagements, which are for long-term only. Currently, we do not offer talent for specific projects or campaigns, which are time-bound.

HireEmployees.co intent is to build a long-term association between the client & the company, and we ensure satisfaction from both the sides to achieve this goal. Our own employees are paid 1.5 x the market rate to ensure they are financially stable. Freelancers come with a lack of ownership which our business model completely wades off.

Yes, we surely build teams on demand. We work towards scaling and building dedicated teams for the success of your business goals.

We do not encourage working overtime. However, if a task is on a high priority and the need for the same arises, the team may work overtime depending on their availability and their discretion.

At this stage, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are pausing all visits to the Development Centre. Once the situation comes under control, you are free to visit us to meet and greet.

We’d be happy to answer any queries you have. A sales Team representative will get in touch with you for more clarifications.

We give all our clients a choice to change expertise if required in the middle of the contract. We then provide the client with the next best resource that may be a better fit for your project's needs.

Book an appointment with our Business Development executives and we’ll get on a call with you. Let us know all your requirements through a Customer Requirement sheet made for specific solution you are looking for. Once you are ready, The Sales team will guide you with next steps.

Email, Skype, Hangout, *or any other form of communication comfortable for you. We encourage video calls to aid conversations and error mapping and expectation setting.

We do provide local time-zone support. However, you will be charged 30% extra for United States time- zone support.

It will take 2-4 weeks in case you need additional expertise to join your team.

Yes, you can train the experts as required.

Yes, our Account Managers will provide you with reports of the work done as per a set frequency. We also have our own PMS through which the progress of work can be tracked at any point in time.

Design - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, Sketch
Digital Marketing - SFMC, Marketo, Mail Chimp, Adobe, Pardot, Semrush, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Hubspot, Ahrefs.
Development - HTML/CSS, SCSS, jQuery, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, Angular, Python.

We use a HireEmployees.co internal PMS tool based on Kanban project management principal. However, we are always ready to accommodate the tool your team is more comfortable with.

We help you with Digital Marketing, Email, Web & Landing Pages Development, Mobile Application Development, Design projects and others.

HireEmployees.co has its own team of 650+ resources with development center at Kolkata, India. All our team is in-house and on our payroll.

We have IP restricted access to our systems.

The client. Our contracts provide that all work created by HireEmployees.co is the property of the client, not HireEmployees.co. In cases where HireEmployees feels like publishing any work on the public domain, an explicit permission will be taken to do so.

HireEmployees.co enters into agreements with the client. Through these agreements, the client obtains exclusive ownership of the work created by the HireEmployees.co. We then provide you with the intellectual property for the work that the HireEmployees.co creates for you. This clean, simple, pass- through arrangement has worked well for our clients so far.

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