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Choose an expert, see how it works, develop, maintain, business logic, Back-end maintenance, MySQL, NoSQL, Laravel, PHP, QA, AWS

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Choose an expert, see how it works, develop, maintain, business logic, Back-end maintenance, MySQL, NoSQL, Laravel, PHP, QA, AWS

Choose an expert as per your business needs

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Simply put, you do not have to look for an expert freelancer neither you must worry about service affordability cost from a big company.

We have a pool of Back-end developers, the experts who will build and maintain the mechanisms that process data and perform actions on websites. Back-end Developers control everything you can see on a website, they are involved in data storage, security, and other server-side functions that you cannot see.

Responsibilities of a back-end developer

Build and maintain websites:

A back-end developers main responsibility is to use various tools, frameworks, and

Technical Expertise, build and maintain websites, Back-end maintenance, MySQL, NoSQL, Laravel PHP, QA, AWS

languages to determine how best to develop intuitive, user-friendly prototypes and turn them into websites. This requires an understanding of cross-platform functionality and compatibility.

Write high-quality code:

To produce sustainable web applications, developers must write clean and easily maintainable code.

Perform quality assurance (QA) testing:

Create and oversee testing schedules to optimize user interface and experience, ensuring optimal display on various browsers and devices.

Assess efficiency and speed:

Once a website is up and running, and during updates and edits, developers need to assess its performance and scalability, adjusting code as necessary.

Troubleshoot and debug:

Be able to troubleshoot issues and resolve them, while communicating them to project managers, stakeholders, and QA teams.

Train and support:

Maintain workflows with client teams to ensure ongoing support, along with leading training and mentorship for junior developers.

What tools do back-end developers use?

Web developers use a variety of tools to develop, test, and maintain web applications. Some common tools for back-end developers include:

web developer tools, Back-end maintenance, MySQL, NoSQL, Laravel PHP, QA, AWS

Programming languages:

o Python
o JavaScript
o Ruby
o Java
o C#


o Laravel
o Django
o Spring
o Ruby on Rails
o Meteor
o Node.js


o MongoDB
o Oracle


o Apache

Programming languages

Any back-end developer needs to be well-versed in back-end programming languages such as Python, Java, and PHP. These make the website function when used alongside databases, frameworks, and servers. Python is one of the most popular programming languages because it is compatible with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and works well for writing clear and logical code. Basic knowledge of front-end languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a bonus.

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